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Looking Out For A Proper Sound System Installation


A one step solution or a ready reckoner ...

You have moved into your dream home and now it’s the time to adorn your home with a TV unit and a high-quality audio sound. This is where a good surround sound system is needed. A Home theatre system is good only when you have installed an excellent surround sound system, and system is only good when you install it right. A good system needs good installation and definitely proper Acoustics. We design the whole setup with acoustics as our main focus, align & calibrate your speaker system as per your listening arena.  Configuring it as per your listening environment is a daunting challenge. The following parameters are the key:

Room size, seating position(s) and basic décor with respect to listening position(s) etc.

Another vital necessity is Alignment - which is the process of installing different speakers as per their prescribed angles, heights and distance depending on make, type, sweet spot & speaker system format.

Another essential feature should be Calibration - It’s the procedure for setting up the system after alignment for the ideal listening position.

Our Professional group can bring in a distinctive value addition in selecting a sound system.  For a perfect installation many factors need to be considered. This page will take you from choosing the right paraphernalia for your function through finding the right locations to install it, installation techniques, interconnection and tuning balancing of the system.