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Cable Management CM5

Logos CMS  is a easy installing wire or cable management system. Whether your installation involves high-volume foot traffic or low volume cosmetic improvements, regardless of how big or small your budget, we have the right wire management product to do the best cable management job… it’s durable, safe, attractive and affordable. It is perfect for home, office, industrial, automotive, school and entertainment uses. Everywhere you find organized cables and wires; you’ll find our cable organizer.
Cm 5
Finally a solution that gives you the highest quality of cablehide to an equal aggressive pricepoint. Match the quality in your home cinema or hifi system with equal quality when hiding your recess wiring. The CM-5 Universal Cable Sock is knitted polyester of highest quality and with sleek nordic design. The CM-5 Universal Cable Socks holds any type of cables for example Scart, HDMI, CRT, VGA and other main leads and expands easily. Expansion of the CM-5 Universal Cable Sock is approximately twice the size of the cable sock unexpanded, 20mm (40mm expanded).
  • Easy to use
  • Expands up to 40mm to take most of your wires
  • Available in two lengths of 2meters and 5meters
Cable Management Pune
CM 5 Cable Pune
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